Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
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2min Step on a Tin from Kimberlee Koym-Murteira on Vimeo.

Step on a Tin, the Tin bends, that's how my story ends Music by Deborah Wargon
Using stop animation mixed with live action video I explore tragedy through fairytale.
In the past I have used the realm of fairytales as a framework for many of my pieces. As I began exploring the idea of creating a new piece for Awaiting Dawn a theatre festival questioning how Greek Tragedy is relevant to today, I return to that interest.

Fairytales lend a way of processing and learning about the adult world through the lens of childhood, providing a heightened mirror of reality - enhancing the color of life, while softening the rules of physics. This video fairytale is loosely based on the cante fable Marybelle and the Mermaid, a haunting version of the Cinderella Story.

The power of fantasy and the imagination are harnessed to explore a crisises of human faults.

childasfigurine from Kimberlee Koym-Murteira on Vimeo.

BUST-4 from Kimberlee Koym-Murteira on Vimeo.