Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
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Encountering a Plastic Prism

Proposal for intervention in the forest of France
The complex intersection of materials, process and form are evident in my work. There is a use of appropriated materials in an unexpected transformation that establishes a geometric minimalism into playful repetition.

My focus of the resiliency and translucency of the everyday disposables, i.e.; Ziploc bags, cereal bag liners, plastic bottles and liquids speaks to the nonfunctional presence I create through and with these objects. They are a metaphors for the every day...the daily rituals and routines of our home lives and living spaces. I create grid-like structures that act as a giant prisms in space. The confines of these constructed grids are deployed in a new space with light to filter and play upon the gel-filled cereal bag liners and Ziploc bags. The provocative pliability of the work and its materials, outside the context of its traditional use and space, allows a physical re-contextualization of light and filtration. This process being deployed within a new visual reality-- a natural setting, will draw attention to its sense of whimsey, awe and wonder.

Written by Becky Busi

Techinical Drawing - drafting of proposal