Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
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  a bay area artist 

I am a maker of bubbling life cycles, a mad tinkerer of wonder and electricity, an avid admirer of natural phenomena, a consumer of unwanted toxicities, an architect of interactive apparatuses.

Vanishing Sanctuary 2020
Documentation of the takeover of a family ranch by a quarry

Vanishing Sanctuary 2020

I have been using a 360 camera to capture scenes in Texas on recent visits home.  Last summer, I began this approach while enjoying the outdoors at a river in Wimberley.  This winter I returned and captured footage of my families’ ranch, the land is being overwrought by a quarry.  As a child I spent every summer and most other holidays on this land, it is a sanctuary for me, a place where I marked and began my artistic processes of working with my hands and my connection with the environment. 

As my dear Aunt and Uncle age and prepare to leave this world, it pains me to see that the land that is a part of them, disrupted. A quarry is overtaking the land, excavating it into an unrecognizable terrain more like the moon than the place of my childhood. The clang and clamor of machines interrupt the quiet of the pasture. Places that lent me calm when my home landscape was filled with emotional upheaval, pain, and bitterness. 

It’s hard to say what was more potent, the land/environment, the care from my relatives or if it was the act of making and moving in nature.  What I know is that being there, moving through nature, using my hands to make began a healing process that has shaped my life.

Collaboration at a Distance  2020
a call and response to the Covad Panademic          


Collaboration at a Distance  2020
a call and response to the Covad Panademic 
round 4        


Truck on Fire:  Prints on Metal


Truck Fire from Kimberlee Koym-Murteira on Vimeo.

In this series of videos I have used a hands on process of remaking video by projecting footage of the fires through water.  These acts allowed me to process the fires in a new way, created an easier way to be with the remnants and destruction of the natural disasters we continue to witness.   The videos will be shown as projections and as video sculptures housed in Mason jars, holding stories and images to preserve them, marking connections between the virtual and physical.Shown at the 
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi Venice, Italy

Virtual Witness
to turbulant times          

Video Fairytales

Encountering a Plastic Prism

Proposal for intervention in the forest of France
The complex intersection of materials, process and form are evident in my work. There is a use of appropriated materials in an unexpected transformation that establishes a geometric minimalism into playful repetition.

My focus of the resiliency and translucency of the everyday disposables, i.e.; Ziploc bags, cereal bag liners, plastic bottles and liquids speaks to the nonfunctional presence I create through and with these objects. They are a metaphors for the every day...the daily rituals and routines of our home lives and living spaces. I create grid-like structures that act as a giant prisms in space. The confines of these constructed grids are deployed in a new space with light to filter and play upon the gel-filled cereal bag liners and Ziploc bags. The provocative pliability of the work and its materials, outside the context of its traditional use and space, allows a physical re-contextualization of light and filtration. This process being deployed within a new visual reality-- a natural setting, will draw attention to its sense of whimsey, awe and wonder.

Written by Becky Busi

Techinical Drawing - drafting of proposal

Inside from Kimberlee Koym-Murteira on Vimeo.

Created for the Future Place Festival in Porto, Portugal
I am interested in exploring the mystery of the home, what happens there? How do the little things we do daily change who we are within? How do we activate our energy? A video plays on a small LCD screen inside of this pegboard box. It shows segments of the same footage projected in large scale format in the installation.

Locket Machine

The Locket Machine allow viewers to view a video projection in two distinct ways. One is unmodified while the other is projected through a piece of pegboard, interrupting its wholeness and heightening the color of the image. The videos show people engaged in daily rituals around their home.