Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
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Gestures Toward Touch 2022

some images by Elias Messaoudi

Responding to the pandemic-an intense time of isolation-how do we now reconnect?

Gestures Toward Touch is a physical manifestation of reconnection. Hands classically are said to be one of the most expressive parts of our body.  They are also responsible for so much of the activation/engagement  of our lives. 

We are creating an installation of plaster Hands reaching for other hands is a beginning point of this project. Thank you for being open to participating.  We ask you to fill out a permissions waiver giving us permission to exhibit your body cast.  A link to a google survey will be provided.

How do you find yourself within a collaboration? Collaborative processes inform much of design, teaching and art making.  Sometimes we are resistant to having our creativity directed.  While we are asking for you to contribute a set form - a body cast of your hand - you choose the shape, gesture, significance of that form.  To begin that process I ask you to feel how has the last few years of the pandemic impacted you in reference to the topic of isolation & connection.