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Bedroom Soliloquies 2021


Bedroom Soliloquies
During the pandemic, I invited strangers into my bedroom via zoom for differing meetings, creative expressions and pursuits. This vital connection with others skipped many of the usual stages of decorum, opening up straight into the interior of my world. The video series, Bedroom Soliloquies, have come out of that time and mark many life transitions: loss, grief and revelations of the truth.  Colors and textures of home chosen for comfort surround me.  Rose color candles burn with golden warmth and illuminate water filled jars - remnants of my sculptures and spiritual practices. I intersperse the video self portraits with 360 footage lending a simultaneous sense of distortion and harmony, beauty and apparition. The alteration of the image allows me to play with light, image, and color recapturing the lost joy of my childhood.

Up until this summer I have always dreaded writing.  I am dyslexic, writing has been a chore - difficult and painful. Something, I had little time or interest in doing, but would need it to support my art practice.  Now I realize I am not at war with language, instead I am living the paradox of being an artist who doesn’t like to be seen. I have always shied away from the clarity of language until I began enjoying letting a provocateur part of me out to play in my zoom room writing group. I began breaking open, unearthing truths, vulnerabilities, passions, releasing pent up frustrations held for a lifetime of being a good girl fifth generation Texan. 

Soliloquies held in silence for decades
Unleashing righteous rage
Torrents of tales
Shaking the ground
to rebirth

The seed cracking opens up through the dirt, manure, and time of nature.
Vulnerable truths of trauma, patriarchal society and the role mothers and women are expected to hold. 

In brokering a new digital deal I claim the space I inhabit in cyberspace as sacred, whether live or prerecorded.  I support truth, sincerity, and vulnerability.