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Artist Statement 
Bubbling liquids, moving light, studies of water, trees, and people, help me ask: How are we embodied?  How do we activate our lives and how can we be more present in our physical world in order to be more connected with ourselves and others? Studies show physical activity positively affects brain cognition, some of my favorite activities are drawing, walking, and cooking. I create videos to capture this process and the power of movement and connection. I bottle it up for study. 

I house my Video Sculptures in mason jars containing water. I use water as a lens like a kid with a magnifying glass, pulling things - in this case transparent layers of video imagery- apart to observe. I choose to work with liquids – for their transparency and because they’re too slippery for me to fully control. The glass mason jars preserve precious memories, life’s seminal moments, and challenges to be used when someone needs to call on them -my grandmother cooking, inspirations from Maya Angelou, remnants from the wildfires.  I play with veils of transparency to speak to the act of perception and sight(vision), the ability to see in, to discover.


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The physical and virtual intersections, matter and media, hold somatic resonance. Virtual refers to media but also thought, imagination, perception, psyche, and spirit. In our ever more virtual and disconnected existences, my video sculptures, projection machines, installations and prints on metal comment on the complexity of what is to be in a body, and to be pulled into virtual realms. 

Kimberlee Koym-Murteira makes video sculptures, hybrid forms of video, light, water, and installation.
Moving from the material to immaterial, creating dialogues guided by the forces of Trauma, Healing, Spirituality, and Ecology. Kimberlee engages somatic connection - a relationship to the body in creation and exhibition - to respond to the complexity of power in relation to ecology and feminism. Employing tenants of embodiment to conjoin environmental concerns and social justice. She sees technology as both a tool and interruptor. Originally from Texas, Kimberlee’s connection to the environment was born on her family’s land near Austin.  She holds a MFA from Mills College, a MA in Scenography from Central St Martin’s London and teaches at DVC, CCA, and Cal State East Bay.  Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.

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I am a maker of bubbling life cycles, a mad tinkerer of wonder and electricity, an avid admirer of natural phenomena, a consumer of unwanted toxicities, an architect of interactive apparatuses.